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Consulting services in the area of accounting

The organization of precise, correct, and transparent accounting is an important issue in all
areas of business, regardless of scale and scope. In fact, it is the foundation of any type of
business activity. Our experienced staff members are always ready to assist you in
strengthening the foundations of your business.

Consulting services in the area of tax accounting

Though tax accounting is one of the constituent elements of bookkeeping, it still requires a special approach. As a result, if you don’t have the correct income or a concept of
expenditure items within the framework of general accounting, it may lead to overpaid tax amounts. Our highly qualified specialists are ready to share their knowledge with you in the development of an expenditure documentation system in accordance with the requirements of the tax code:
  • The provision of comprehensive tax accounting services;
  • The solution of tax conflicts in favor of the fair and rightful claims of the entrepreneur;
  • Participation in tax audits and protection of the firm’s interests;
  • Drawing up and maintaining the income and expenditure documents;
  • The provision of tailored consultation services on tax planning and other related issues.

Consulting services in the area of personnel records

The lack of a personnel policy and accounting may lead to the imposition of penalties and
other losses under the applicable laws, in addition to the firm’s slowdown. Our specialists are
ready to be on your side in the resolution of these issues, as well.

Comprehensive customs consulting services

All customs-related issues should be addressed before the finalization of import and export contracts. We offer the timely provision of comprehensive services in the following areas:
  • Preparing customs declarations for cargo;
  • Customs clearance of imported and exported goods;
  • Obtaining the certificates of conformity;
  • Preparing draft contracts for the purchase of goods from foreign firms;
  • Transporting goods from the customs territory and delivering them to the point of destination based on a power of attorney issued by the entrepreneur;
  • The advance clarification and provision to the entrepreneur of the information on the amount of taxes and duties, depending on the country of origin and types of goods.

Provision of legal advice

Providing specific advice on the application of individual provisions of all legal acts related
to the activities and interests of the company.

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